WELCOME TO HUGH MARR GOLF PERFORMANCE "We develop successful players, coaches and team programmes with our tour-proven performance and development systems"

For Players

We provide personalised - player centred - coaching services that will give you the systems and know-how to allow you to maximise your performance.

For Coaches

We provide needs led group education programmes and individual mentoring to give you the tools to help you achieve your coaching aspirations and to maximise the success of your business.

For Teams

We provide a comprehensive consultancy service that can set up; audit or deliver your performance programme.


What we believe in - our philosophy

  • Player-centred coaching
  • Coach driven programmes - all support staff are responsible for achieving the agreed targets for each player
  • Sports science support - the necessary specialists are utilised where appropriate to aid the development of the players performance
  • Evidence based coaching - our coaching principles and practices are based on effective experience, research and objective data
  • Developing the individual - creating self leadership & resilience
  • Return on Investment - we maximise the benefit on the time, effort and resources you put in

How we achieve our success - our process

  • We build player/parent/coach relationships to create trust and understanding
  • We ensure there is a vision statement and a consistent message between player, parent & coach
  • We employ an effective performance management system to create accountability and ensure continuity of care
  • We identify the true causality of performance limitations, set priorities and provide the building blocks for success
  • We provide a high performance environment of excellence and create a culture of mastery, reflection and critical thinking